Fall Colors

The fall colors are here on the mountain. High winds may blow them down early. The trees are beautiful but don’t seem as vibrant from a distance add they often do. Drive out and see them if you get a chance!


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Bobcats on Glassy Mountain

Many thanks to Stephanie Fletcher who sent two pictures of bobcats from her house on Glassy Mountain. What a great vantage point! I was surprised to see the small length of tail on the mother bobcat, but apparently they can grow to six or seven inches long. It looks like even wild bobcat kittens are full of curiosity…

Bobcat kit Bobcat mother and kit

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Bear and Coyote on Glassy Mountain

Looks like animals are on the move up here with some recent footage from the animal highway through Hidden Hills on Glassy Mountain. Most recently a coyote, bear and trio of wandering turkeys.
M2E44L26-32R350B300 Bear4 M2E54L165-165R388B310


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