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This web site is developed and maintained by David Western. He can be reached by emailing david at westerntechs dot com.

My wife Suzanne and I purchased 5 acres in the Hidden Hills of Glassy Mountain subdivison in 2001 with the thought of building a house there “some day”. I have always loved hiking in the mountains but there never seemed to be time to pack up the kids (2 at the time) and get out and do something about it. At the time, we lived in a nice subdivison off of Woodruff Road in Simpsonville, SC. Yes, Woodruff Road was at one time mostly farm land.

I kept driving up to the property to explore, clear fallen trees and to find a good location for building a home. Then I though, “Hey, why not go ahead and build now? The kids can grow up knowing what woods are, and a hiking trail will be in the backyard.” So we decided to build. In reallity, Suzanne was not as excited about it, as our nearest neighbor would be a mile or so away. For some reason known only to her, she agreed.  Action Builders of Greer, SC built our house very quickly, starting in May of 2002 and finishing in October of the same year. Many of the pictures shown on the web site come from our property or within a mile or so radius on the Western side of Glassy.

We’ve discovered that Glassy has its own weather patterns, with temperatures typically a few degrees warmer than the valley in the morning, and a few degrees cooler in the afternoons. The biggest difference is the WIND. It gets windy whenever a front moves through. Windy, as in furniture blowing around on our back porch… If you ever find kids toys scattered in the woods, it probably blew there from our house.

So what do I do? I run a small software consulting company called Western Technologies. I’ve been programming computers professionally (i.e. getting paid for it) since I was 12 years old (30 years and counting). I have a degree in Computer Science from Furman University, and have worked as a developer, architect and development manager for multiple software companies in the Greenville, SC area. I typically work from my home in the mountains which has a world-class hosting center and high speed internet. Well, okay, I’ve got servers in the basement. In a closet. And I use cellular modems to access the Internet. I tried Satellite but it wasn’t reliable enough. Nothing else has made its way up the mountain. That’s probably more than you wanted to know about me. I do have a deep interest in the Glassy Mountain area with its rough beauty. If you have suggestions or information you would like to add to this site, please contact me. This site is here just to be informative and as a place to archive information about the area.

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  1. deb messmer says:

    Hi – trying to connect with you on Facebook to link you to my page Wild Critters of the Carolinas & SE….I put a link to your site on the page — please visit/like to get newsfeeds and comment – I’m just down the road from you on Tugaloo near Route 11….please keep the bears, bobcats and rattlers up on the hill! Deb

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