Stinging Plants

While hiking to a waterfall on Glassy Mountain I suddenly felt a sharp sting on my elbow. Ouch! Well it turned out to be a plant called Wood Nettle – similar to Stinging Nettle. I’ve lived up here 10 years and never ran into it until now. Apparently it is edible (gotta be careful) and can help treatment of arthritis. Here are some pictures of the large plants and their many needles.



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Rattlesnakes on Glassy Mountain

Timber Rattlesnakes do live up here on Glassy Mountain. I’ve seen three in the past 10 years. Copperheads are much more common. We see a lot of snakes in our driveway, and have even had two slip into the house! Today, though, our cat cornered a rattlesnake in our garage. A little too close for comfort with pets and kids outside. Here are a few pictures:

This is the same rattlesnake after I used a rake to move it out of the garage. It was not aggressive at all, just slithering along.

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Spring on the Mountain

Spring is here up on the mountain. The Trillium, Bloodroot, Violets, Dogwood and Carolina Silverbells are all blooming. The early warm temperatures seems to be great for the plants. Here are a few pictures of the Trillium and the Silverbells.

Trillium on Glassy Mountain

Carolina Silverbell

Fire Pink


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