Flying Squirrel on Glassy Mountain

Our cat (his name is Clawed) recently began leaving small squirrel tails for us. We thought they were baby squirrels even though the coloring was different. Squirrel number 5 was left intact and my daughter discovered it was a flying squirrel! I’m not sure why Clawed left this one untouched, and I am even more curious how he caught so many flying squirrels. Apparently they are common in the area but are nocturnal so you don’t see them during the day much. They can glide three feet for every foot of altitude they lose and reportedly can glide from 50-300 feet.

Here is a picture showing the “wings” spread out:

A flying squirrel that our cat hunted down.

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Bear on the Mountain

Summer is here, and it is warm on the mountain (still cooler than in town). We’ve had sightings of a young bear walking the mountain nearby. I was able to get a few pictures but it took off like lightning when it finally saw me. We first noticed it on the 20th of June. It appears to be a young black bear, maybe around 100 pounds or so.

Yong Black Bear on Glassy Mountain in Hidden Hills Subdivision

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Spring on the Mountain

Spring is definitely here on Glass Mountain. The Trillium have been pushing through the leaves for about a week. The blood root with white flowers are also in bloom, as are the first of the wild violets. Here is a shot of the Trillium with it’s fragrant flowers:

Trillium on Glassy Mountain

Bloodroot on Glassy Mountain

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